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In the 2017 annual issue, Timer Digest ranked George Slezak’s 
Stock Index Timing stock market signals as the 
#1 market timing newsletter
for the last ten years!

New Stock Index Timing link to current timing signals, monthly letter copies, email and signal history


Stock Index Timing .com is a market timing service, $99 per month charged month to month through a PayPal account, which provides market timing signals on the Stock Market, Gold, and US Bonds. The monthly service includes the following:  

1. Market timing signals are provided by emailing a comment and the Market Signal Summary table to subscribers, usually prior to the NYSE close, on the day of the signal change. 

2. Monthly market commentary letter, in PDF format, is emailed to subscribers in the first week of each month. 

3. Each week George Slezak sends Timer Digest a brief stock market comment to be included in the Timer Digest hot line. This once per week email comment is also sent to subscribers.

4. A special report or comment on a market topic each month.

5. Subscribers have access to a web page with the current Market Signal Summary table, links to copies of current monthly letters, a listing of recent emails, and timing signals for the last ten years. Charts and tables of selected COT data are also available to subscribers.



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Advance Decline Volume and new 12 month High Low indicators:

NYSE Advance Decline Volume line   NYA  12 month High Low 

Nasdaq Advance Decline Volume line.   Nasdaq Composite 12 month High Low 

S&P 500 Advance Decline Volume link  S&P 500  

NYSE Common Stock only Advance Decline Volume line 

S&P Small Cap Advance Decline Volume line  S&P 600$SML 

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